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Jacob Hellenrud


I am a passionate creator who find meaning in making music. I started out with writing my own songs in a basement in the deep woods of “Kil”, but have later found a big interest in composing music for games, films and musicals.

I also work as a sound engineer and have done sound for: Ebbot Lundberg, Dotter, Robin Bengtsson, Satan takes a holiday and many more.

Always looking for new adventures!




Mountain of the Sun is a Co-write i did with a friend of mine for my band “Children of the Sün”. The song is written and dedicated to my little sister.

Composer: Jacob Hellenrud, Beatrice Ellmark Tornberg
Mix/master: Anton Fagerberg


Min stund på jorden is a song produced by me for my band “Positivet”. A song about finding happiness and spreading it.

Composer: Björn A. Ling, Johan Östling
Mix: Jacob Hellenrud
Master: Anton Fagerberg


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