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Olivia Ahltorp


I'm a freelance music producer, songwriter, composer, vocalist, pianist. 

I love to let my music be part in a greater story. To enter the world of filmmakers, dancers, actors, artists, writers... All kinds of storytellers. What's your story?

I founded Rau-Rau Creative in 2020 to develop and enhance collaborations between music, creative writing, visual arts and other artistic expressions. If you are interested in our work or have an idea about a project you would like to carry out, don't be a stranger - I'm looking forward to talk to you. 


Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to understand life and connect with the natural world, my music artist project Aevy Lore is a creative space where I reflect upon themes such as sustainable development, culture and philosophy. 


+4670 589 58 37 

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