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Julia Bengtson


To me, music is simply a way of being. A way of living. I don't know any other way. It's a way to express my own feelings as well as experiencing others. 

I grew up in Dalarna County, surrounded by music. Mainly classical, but also traditional Swedish folk and jazz. This variety of genres came to be the foundation of my musical curiosity. I always strive to learn more, which is why I today play the violin, the saxophone, the clarinet, the recorder, the vibraphone and the guitar. It is also the reason I started with music production.

I think it's important and interesting to explore musical boundaries. Swedish folk music is very close to my heart, and I recently discovered electronic music. What if I combine them? Would it still be folk music? Electronic music? Could it be both? 

So now that you know me, let's work together. Let's write, let's create, let's perform. Reach out to me at:


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